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Armagh Gold

Originally established by Edith Hammond in the Western District of Victoria in 1995, Armagh Gold Dexter Stud is now located in Nethercote on the south coast of NSW. Edith breeds both red and black pure-bred Dexters, and has a long-standing relationship with farming and farm-animals. At the young age of 11 years, she set a 'personal best' by hand-milking 16 cows in one afternoon. Her extensive knowledge and experience are invaluable to the group; and she gives some of that advice in our section on ‘Milking Dexters’

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Beeze Neeze Farm

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We are a young stud with a young family, which makes temperament a big ticket item for us. Located 70km south east of Canberra at an elevation of 1200m, the Dexter's ability to "make good" come rain, hail or snow is something we can vouch for. We are developing a polled herd, and looking to specialise in the dun Dexter colour. Colour or polling won't take precedence over confirmation as we start introducing the beautiful succulent meat to the Canberra market. Goals for the future include linear classification of the herd and showing them against the Hereford and Angus of the Monaro Region. Watch this space!

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Guise's View

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Murrah Moo

Murrah Moo Dexter Stud, Quaama, a 9 acre hobby farm situated about 30kms north of Bega, is nestled in the surrounding hills of the Bega Valley on the far south coast of NSW. Still only in its infancy the stud was established in 2008, in the hope of spreading the word about the hardy but amicable Dexter cattle in their local area, increasing and improving the number of purebreds within Australia, as well as keeping ourselves supplied, in our opinion, with some of the best tasting meat around.
We first became interested in the little Dexters 20 yrs ago whilst living in the Hawkesbury area on the outskirts of Sydney; however, it wasn’t until we moved to our Far South Coast property at Quaama that we were able to fulfil our dream of becoming breeders ourselves. We also have a small orchard and vegetable garden that utilize the available cow manure and worm castings from our composting worms.

The name of the stud came about due to the fact that Quaama Village, lies next to Dry River, named so because of its tendency for the water to disappear beneath the sand giving the appearance of a dry river bed, only to reappear a short distance downstream in a beautiful waterhole frequented by the locals on a hot summer's day. It is also known by its Aboriginal name Murrah River, hence the Stud name.    Contact Murrah Moo

Myrtle Gully

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Savelle Farm

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Scribbly Gums

Scribbly Gums Dexter Stud is a 15 hectare farm located approx 40 minutes south of Canberra city. In the short term, we plan to increase our herd by retaining some heifers while producing meat steers for our table.

Eventually, we plan to turn some of the girls into house cows, and to produce some cheese.

We have not settled on a breeding program yet, but are leaning towards AI.

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Veradora was named after our two great-aunts, Vera and Dora, who lived together all their days, until the end. We are also sisters, and live on this 25 acre property with our small herd of Dexter cattle, Wiltshire horn sheep, mixed-breed chooks, a kelpie cross, and a stray cat. Our goal is to grow our own food and sell or share our surplus. Our Dexters are raised sustainably, and according to organic principles.

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After 15 years in the making, our dream is finally a reality with two purebred Dexter cows and their heifer calves moving to Idle Acres, Verona NSW in December 2015. Iris and Ivy, Jasmin and Jade will soon be joined by Willow and Wisteria – as soon as Willow is PTIC. Our first Verona Dexters calf, Jewel, was born in April 2016.

Dexters are a naturally small dual-purpose Irish breed, with a long history of suitability as house cows for small acre farms. Our aim is to raise these small, intelligent, well-tempered animals to provide milk, meat and personable little lawn-mowers to small holdings.

For now we are building our foundation herd and will be working with later generations to ensure they are well handled and suited to be productive house-cows for their forever families.

Idle Acres is a 60 acre property, which lies along the Katchencarry Creek in the Bega Valley region of South East NSW.

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Wagra is situated in Bendoc on the far East Gippsland border of NSW and Victoria.

Our original goal to establish and maintain a small herd of 25 purebred Dexter breeders that conform to type and guidelines has long since been exceeded due to the difficulty in parting with dear old friends and gorgeous cheeky new ones.

Our original purpose which was "to contribute towards the conservation of farm animal genetic resources" has been superceded by Dexter cattle themselves having become our purpose. Be warned: Life with Dexter cattle can become a wonderful obsession.

The aim to grow meat steers for the hotel, butchered and dressed commercially, has also been surpassed and now extends to providing meat for the extended family and several loyal customers. Several Wagra females have gone on to become house cows, providing rich creamy milk for their new families. Wagra also continues to breed purebred bulls and heifers for stud purposes for home use and for sale.    Contact Wagra


Wirrabrook Dexters was established in 2007 at Verona NSW, which lies in the Bega Valley region of South East NSW. Dexters are known for their quiet temperament, size and ease of handling and that was the main reason we originally selected Dexters.

Since 2007 we have been “converted” because Dexters grow on you, their personalities are such that you just give in and love them.

Our aim is to have animals that continue the quiet temperament and easy handling theme whilst not forgetting they are cattle which provide creamy milk and great tasting meat.    Contact Wirrabrook

Historical – RIP :


Depicted in the Narramidgee banner is John's imported American-born Dexter cow, Colorado Sheila, born 1/5/1990 and is alive & well at this date, 19/4/2012.

Narramidgee Eidelweiss, an embryo transfer calf born at Narramidgee 22/5/1992, died last year aged 19 years.

" My interest in Dexters was first aroused in 1978 when Bill Mollison of Permaculture fame informed me about two breeds of small cattle that could be advantageous in Australia. One was Dexters. I wrote to the Dexter Cattle Society in England in 1979, and they put me in touch with Bill Butcher who was temporarily in New Zealand and, while there, had formed the Dexter Agency in that country. The first bull for semen collection was Bookham Roberts. He went into quarantine in January 1980. There were many problems with the semen as import regulations for New Zealand and Australia were different. We had hoped to have semen in Australia in August 1980, but this was not to be.
I made inquiries of various breeding agencies but none were interested in importing semen. Eventually I discovered that BSI were importing semen and placed my first order with them in August 1981.
I then purchased five Jersey calves and inseminated them in 1982, but none conceived. In the next year - 1983 - one cow had a bull calf. In 1984, three cows gave birth to heifers. In 1985, two cows had calves - one heifer and one bull. Two heifers were born in 1986: one 1st cross and one 2nd cross. 1988 saw another 2nd cross heifer born, followed in 1989 by two 2nd cross heifers and one 3rd cross bull. It is a long, hard grind upgrading."

With upgrading, 4th cross females and 5th cross males are considered pure-bred. John Thompson is one of our earliest pioneers, and put in his hard work to give the Dexters a good start in Australia. John was accepted as Honorary Life Member from the 2009 Membership year.    

Logo: Narramidgee Xhosa by Woodmagic Hedgehog 3rd from Colorado Sheila (imported American cow), bred by life-member John Thompson.
Header image depicts Dexter Cattle evolving out of the mists of time and includes an adaptation of Ballycarbery Castle, County Kerry, Ireland.