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Dexter Cattle Promotion Group of South-east NSW:
Our story began on Saturday February 8th, 1992, when John and Margaret Thompson of Narramidgee Dexter Stud had a few people visit their property to view their Grade 1, 2 and 3 Dexters. The enthusiasm on that day led to another get-together a week later at Ellyn and Ron Howes’ Bindalee Dexter Stud and from there the group, (known then as the ACT/Monaro Promotion Group) came into being.The area encompassed within the Dexter Group of South-East NSW includes … Read more

Dexter Cattle – A history as ancient as that of the leprechaun

Dexter cattle originated in the south-west of Ireland where, for centuries, small cattle of Dexter type were the preferred livestock of the peasants and smallholders. The creamy milk and high-quality meat, along with their predominantly calm nature … Read more

Curiosities for the English Gentry gained world-wide popularity

Written references to ‘Dexters’ by name date back to the 1800s. In 1845, it was reported that the manager of Lord Hawarden’s estate on Valentia Island, County Kerry, had developed a “curious” strain based on the local mountain cattle. That manager was apparently Mr. Dexter. This raises the question, however, based on the bones of Stonehenge …Read more

A world in crisis sees the Dexter cattle breed heading for extinction

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Dexter Promotion Groups determined to help conserve the breed

The realisation of the threat to the Dexter prompted a steadily growing number of people across the world to dedicate their time and efforts into the conservation of the breed. Ongoing scientific studies and research continue to ensure the conservation of Dexters for future generations, as does international marketing of genetic material such as semen and embryos for transfer.

Earlier Australian Dexters had long since faded away … Read more